The AGM is coming!

I’m sure by now the astute among you will have realised that this year’s excellent, dynamic and sexy committee can’t last forever.

Yes that’s right the AGM is coming up. On 13th March next years’ committee will be decided! So what do you have to do? It’s simple. Decide which position/positions you would like to run for, get a current committee member to back your nomination; then create some hilarious and inspiring propaganda to encourage people to vote for you (this turned to slander very quickly last year).

At the AGM you will have a to give a very quick pitch as to why you would be good at the role, answer any questions the SUCCers may have prepared for you and be able to maintain composure while abuse is hurled at you.

So what positions are there? Click here for all the info you will ever need!

To finish with here are a few examples of propaganda that was used last year. Use it to inspire your works of art.

SUCC love, Will

River and Pool Session Signups

Hey guys,

Due to popular demand both the river session and the pool session sign-ups are going live Monday evening at 6:30pm. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register for an account. There will be two river sessions, one starting at 2 and another at 4. The pool session is as usual – 9pm on Thursday with the normal trip to the Crown for a quick drink afterwards.

A link to the sign up page for both sessions will be posted here:

SUCC love xxx


Pool Session Tonight!

Hey guys,

The sign up for the pool session goes live at midday today. You will need to register for an account on this site if you haven’t done already (same as for the river session sign up). The sign up page can be found here. We’ve got space for 30 people tonight, so come along for a paddle and a drink at the Crown afterwards.

Any questions post on our facebook group.

SUCC love xx


Perranporth Freshers Trip

A very eventful weekend in Cornwall has been and gone for another year. If you couldn’t make it, here’s a brief account of what you missed!

We got away from the boat hard in record time thanks to Dousby’s genius and soon we were whizzing our way south and west toward Blandford and a very lengthy traffic jam. Eventually all vehicles found a way out via the back roads and undergrowth of Dorset and we arrived at the hut intact and ready to be greeted by Stabby’s tunnel of SUCC. The morning eventually came and proved beautifully sunny so we duly hit Perranporth beach with our shiny new club wetsuits and kit.

The new SUCCers got well and truly into their paddling even venturing out back for the breakers – great stuff! – then the cornish pasties and van faff came and went and everyone climbed back aboard the various musically themed buses for a well earned nap at the hut and some rather suspect food before the real fun began on Saturday night. The social secretaries had prepared a special version of pass the parcel to help our new members get to know the older club members that bit better!

We were woken up Sunday morning feeling much worse for wear. The only cure: more paddling! The big waves were few and far between on the Sunday but everyone seemed to come off the beach with a big grin on their faces and ready to sleep all the home to Southampton.

Next trip: the RIVER USK. Friday 19-Sunday 21 October.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to sign up to the river and pool sessions. All details of socials and upcoming events on the calendar and facebook page. See you on the water!

Freshers Meeting

Just in case anyone had forgotten…..

Our Freshers meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd October, starting at 6:30pm in building 7, room 3009. This will be followed by our incredible Fresher’s social to Portswood, getting you nicely acquainted with the bars, pubs and clubs of the area. At the meeting itself, you can learn more about the club and will have the opportunity to join us (only £30 for the whole year – with a load of benefits) and come on the freshers trip to Perranporth (at a special price of only £30 for the weekend with all this included).
Meet outside the Stags Head at 6:15pm we’ll take everyone over to building 7 (look out for one of the committee waving a paddle).
this is one of the highlights of the year for freshers and club members alike, so not one to miss!
Stabby Joe
Safety Sec