The AGM is coming!

I’m sure by now the astute among you will have realised that this year’s excellent, dynamic and sexy committee can’t last forever.

Yes that’s right the AGM is coming up. On 13th March next years’ committee will be decided! So what do you have to do? It’s simple. Decide which position/positions you would like to run for, get a current committee member to back your nomination; then create some hilarious and inspiring propaganda to encourage people to vote for you (this turned to slander very quickly last year).

At the AGM you will have a to give a very quick pitch as to why you would be good at the role, answer any questions the SUCCers may have prepared for you and be able to maintain composure while abuse is hurled at you.

So what positions are there? Click here for all the info you will ever need!

To finish with here are a few examples of propaganda that was used last year. Use it to inspire your works of art.

SUCC love, Will

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