Kit Borrowing

Rules for Borrowing Club Kit

A Club activity is defined as an official event or activity organised by the club committee (as opposed to an event attended by committee member(s) not organised by the club committee).

Examples of club activities:

  • The club Wednesday afternoon session on the River Itchen.
  • On club trips on sections of river or surf organised by the committee.

People eligible to borrow kit:

  • Individuals with current, paid club memberships. The constitution offers free membership after 3 years however this is on the condition that no club equipment is used.
  • Individuals with the committee’s consent.

Your responsibilities for any borrowed kit:

  • To have obtained permission from the committee before taking any kit.
  • If broken (or found broken in the shed), inform the committee as soon as possible.
  • Kit must be returned in the same state as it is taken.
  • If kit is lost or damaged, you are liable for all costs of replacement/repair/excess (note this applies on activities not organised by the committee) AKA “you break it you buy it”.
    • The committee will decide whether broken equipment is repairable or whether it needs to be replaced.
    • If kit needs replacing, the committee can choose to accept a replacement of similar value & condition if it is offered; although you should be aware you may be required to pay up to the RRP of the kit for a replacement.
    • If the club is able to claim insurance money for the cost of the boat via university insurance, you will only have to pay the insurance excess.

Any decisions regarding broken/lost kit will be discussed at a committee meeting and the individual will be informed of the committee’s decision via email. The committee’s decision is final, and by borrowing any kit you agree to these terms and the meaning of the “you break it you buy it” rule.

Requests for clarification of any of these points should be directed to the committee email address; so that this page can be updated if necessary.

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