Committee Roles

Description of Committee Roles

The SUCC Constitution requires an Executive Committee of a PresidentVice PresidentSecretary and Treasurer to be elected at each AGM. In addition to this, a number of General Members can be elected, with special responsibilities assigned to them.

Generally, this will include a:

  1. Social Secretary
  2. Training Secretary
  3. Kit Secretary
  4. Web Secretary
  5. Safety Secretary


The constitution also defines what some of the committee members should be doing. In practice, things will be delegated sensibly, but all committee members still have overall responsibility for certain things. This is intended to be a rough guide to the responsibilities of each committee member.

Shared Responsibilities

Everyone on the committee has some shared responsibilities:

  • Budgeting, setting membership fees, discussing and voting on issues affecting the club.
  • Helping other committee members to organise and run trips throughout the year.
  • Assist with the organisation, promotion and running of events and sessions.
  • Keeping the club website and calendar up to date.


  • Overall responsibility for everything the club does. Responsible for making sure that everything that should happen does happen.
  • Responsible for all club meetings, including regular committee meetings.
  • Will often have to represent the club and take charge in any exceptional circumstances.
  • Is the primary representative to the AU.

Vice President

  • Support the executive committee in the general running of the club.
  • Take responsibility for tasks that fall outside the remit of other elected committee members
  • Orgainse the club’s BUCS participation.
  • Orgainise the club’s annual Scotland trip.
  • Takes on the President’s role if he/she is unable to do so.


  • Responsible for tracking the club’s finances. Will be involved in budgeting decisions in accordance with Union regulations and the club constitution. These must be available for both internal and external audit at any time.
  • Manages the club’s membership lists including adding new members, and removing expired members.
  • Responsible for the club’s grant applications.
  • Maintain the treasurer’s ‘box’.
  • Present the club’s finances at the AGM.


  • Overall responsibility for handling club communications. Will usually send out a weekly email, which should be the main reference for club events.
  • Should minute all club meetings and update club members on any outcomes or decisions. Post committee meeting minutes on-line, in committee documents section.
  • Renews the club’s BCU affiliation annually.

Social Secretary

  • Organises all club social events. This will usually include ‘big’ socials each term (e.g. Christmas Party, Boat Party…), as well as regular weekly socials.

Training Secretary

  • Organises coached club courses (WWSR).
  • Should encourage members to become involved in coaching.
  • Organise the weekly river and pool session.
  • Maintain the ‘Folder’.
  • Promote individual progression.

Kit Secretary

  • Responsible for repairing and organising the club kit.
  • Should take an inventory each term, or at least twice per year – required for insurance and to meet the requirements of the constitution. This must be organised with the Safety Secretary.
  • Suggests new kit purchases.
  • Responsible for Capital Equipment Applications.

Web Secretary

  • Responsible for maintaining the mailing lists, both for existing members and new freshers.
  • Maintaining the club website and ensuring it is fully up to date.
  • Maintain the club’s Facebook pages.
  • Fix any issues with the website, assistance is available from previous developers.

Safety Secretary

  • Complete the club’s Risk Assessment to meet AU requirements for the January – December cycle.
  • Regular kit inspections, these are to ensure that all kit is in safe working order and if not is removed or marked as damage and out of use
  • Records of these inspections need to be made and maintained