Committee 2022/2023

Josh M’CawPresident

Likes: Shredding the gnar, J2O and Orienteering

Dislikes: faff, fizzy drinks, being asked to buy a club ripper

Josh is our amazing new president, keen to welcome new members to the club. Josh is also known for having the best hair in SUCC. He is a talented kayaker who has been very involved in the club so is naturally suited for the role. He is a positive, helpful and humorous member of the committee studying Electronic Engineering.

Katherine Scott-Taylor – Vice President

Likes: Kayaking (obviously), sailing, karaoke:

Dislikes: Faff

Kate is our fabulous new vice-president, keen to welcome new members. Kate is a committed, hard-working member of the committee who is keen about people having fun on the water safely. She is very talented on the water. Being a helpful and kind member of committee studying medicine.

Amy Sharpe – Secretary

Likes: coffee, mibususs naps, river chocolate, green space and canoe polo

Dislikes: faff5

Amy is our spectacular Secretary who is a dedicated member of committee and her organisational skills ,much like her kindness, know no bounds. Amy is a sincere and splendid member of committee and active paddler studying Medicine. Also taking part in canoe polo she is often seen on the water. Now she’s here always getting stuck in and helping out wherever she can. She is very approachable – as long as she’s not napping on a mini buss.

Amy Jackson – Treasurer

Likes: Climbing, Tidy kit shed

Dislikes: High Shelves and Adult sized playboats

Amy is our trusted treasurer who can often be seen paddling along the river. In charge of all the coins and pennies in the club, she is in charge of all the finances and is in the know about all the pennies. She is kind and courageous as well as adventurous and an avid paddler studying Biomedical Sciences. Now she’s here she’s ready to get stuck in whether counting the coins or decorating boats in the best ways.

Eric Williams – Kit Sec

Likes: Trains, Kate Bush, faff

Dislikes: Paying the club

Eric is our fabulous new Kit sec, keen on having and keeping an organised boathard. A very skilled kayaker who is often seen on the water. He is a reliable and witty member of committee studying Mechanical Engineering.

He may also be heard talking about trains from time to time (all the time).

Vi DixonWelfare Officer

Likes: Alligators, Bodies of water (even the Itchen), and Blue lagoons

Dislikes: Being cold, not knowing what makes the Itchen foul, and tomatoes

Vi is our wonderful welfare sec. A keen paddler who is often seen in the water. She is supportive and kind and is always there to offer guidance to members about any issues they may have. She is often recognizable by her bright personality (and hair) or by holding a certain blue drink. She is also a keen Marine Biology with Oceanography student who likes researching with many a worm. 

Connor McFarlane Training Sec

Likes: Water, Blue, Jesters

Dislikes: Rocks, Wine, Sobar

Connor is a very talented kayaker who is excited to teach as many new members as possible all the fun of kayaking. He’s the one to speak to if you have any questions about the pool or river sessions and he’ll be more than happy to give you a hand. He is a helpful and humorous member of the committee studying Natural Sciences. He also has a truly unique gift for dressing up that has to be seen to be believed.

Daniel HobbsSafety Sec

Likes : Gaming, Unicycling and Karaoke 

Dislikes: Itchenitus, waking up early and fizzy drinks

We are pleased to introduce Dan as our new safety sec. He has taken the role in his stride as a third year Computer Science student. Dan is a helpful, committed and eager member of the Committee.

Nathan SallissSocial Sec

Likes: Sharks, Jesters Playlist, Eds Mojo Chicken Burgers

Dislikes: Mouthfuls of river water, Really tight spray decks that take the might of God to put on

Nathan makes up the first instalment of the fabulous social sec team. He is a bright and energetic member of the Committee who likes sea animals so it makes sense he’s studying Marine Biology.

Ayla KulogluSocial Sec

Likes : Post pool stags, sleep, library gang

Dislikes: Swans, talking to anyone within half an hour of waking up, hearing skipper talk about planes

We are looking forward to having Ayla as a part of our social sec team as a third year Biomedical Sciences student. Ayla is a fun, committed and lighthearted member of the Committee who has been quickly developing her skills on the water and enjoys many outdoor activities.

Ted CharletonSocial Sec

Likes:70s Music,wine and dad jokes

Dislikes: SEMSU, Trilogy, Lime green

Last but not least Ted makes up the final part of the social sec team. Ted is a compassionate and considerate member of the Committee studying Astrophysics. He is always caring for others on socials and does an amazing array of voice impressions. Also he will constantly find jokes in anything you may say with an infectious laugh. He also very much enjoys wearing lime green as it is one of his favourite colours – or so everyone keeps trying to convince him that is it.

Emma Buzzard – Web Sec

Likes : SWIMMING, Talking rubbish, baking,green

Dislikes: Explaining my degree, Winchester, Getting lost, spelling, having my photo taken, taking cags off

Emma is one of the loveliest people you’ll meet, super approachable and you’d be hard pressed to find a fresher as dedicated …For context , Emma commuted from Winchester on the regular for SUCC sessions and socials. 

Can’t wait to see Emma’s talents across our socials as a second-year Graphic Design student.