Committee 2020-2021

Euan Donovan-Hill - President

Course: Aerospace Engineering

Favourite River: River Leven

Favourite Boat: Pyranha Ripper

Likes: Dabbing, Yeeting and Fanta

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Fluking into the NSR expert category for a second time

Anna Glanville - Vice President

Course: bsc colouring in

Favourite River: Classic Dart loop

Favourite Boat: Project X

Likes: Policemen, climbing and alcohol

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Getting into women's expert heats at NSR

Lucy Loud - Treasurer

Course: Marine Biology

Favourite River: The Dart loop until try some others

Favourite Boat: Pyranha Z.One

Likes: Kayaking, The Oceans and a fancy dress social

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Doing my first roll on white water at NSR

Niall Hubbard  - Secretary

Course: Economics

Favourite River: Nile, duh

Favourite Boat: The red big dog

Likes: The North, toothpaste and Karen

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Swimming 7 times in one weekend

Andrew Lamont - Kit Sec

Course: Aero engineering

Favourite River: The blackwater (want to try more rivers as mainly a surfer)

Favourite Boat: Dagger axiom

Likes: Surfing, spending time with SUCC and the Hobbit

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Reaching semi finals in junior waveski world championship before hitting a cliff

Hannah Gower - Safety Sec

Course: Marine Biology with Oceanography

Favourite River: Dart

Favourite Boat: Small

Likes: Swimming, river snacks and fish

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Swimming the entirety of Triple Step

Max Smith  - Training Sec

Course: Electronic Engineering

Favourite River: The Dart/Kent

Favourite Boat: Pyranha Z.One

Likes: Kayaking, Jesters and Canoe polo

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Rolling the duo on the Weir with Niall

Alex White - Social Sec

Course: Politics and Economics

Favourite River: Dart

Favourite Boat: Machno

Likes: Lizards, whiskey and McDonald's

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Rolling on the dart

Callum Small - Social Sec

Course: History

Favourite River: Dart

Favourite Boat: Pyranha

Likes: Popping spray decks, hats, bikes

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Getting in a boat without injuring myself

Hannah Gibbs - Social Sec

Course: Marine Biology

Favourite River: The Pool

Favourite Boat: The pink one

Likes: Staying dry, Gin and pick 'n' mix

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Falling in on the flat water


George Thompson - Web Sec

Course: Accounting and Finance

Favourite River: River Trent because NSR is amazing

Favourite Boat: Large Pyranha Z.One

Likes: Making Music videos, Sleeping with Alex's beetles and jägerbombs

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: The famous whipping chariot at NSR and denting a duo