Committee 2018-2019

Jacob Weiss - President

Course: Biomedical Sciences

Favourite Boat: Variety is the spice of life.

Favourite River: Orchy, or the Etive

Likes: The pleasant surprise when he’s called by his real name (Jackie), Marmite and Marmalade as a combo, travelling, kayaking (obvs), and a Presidential year of minimal faff to come

Jake Southern - Vice President

Course: Aeronautics & Astronautics

Favourite River: Kent (The Lakes)

Favourite Boat: Dagger Axiom (In green)

Likes: Ice-cream, extreme sports, and the colour green

Sam Tweedle - Treasurer

Course: Maths,

Favourite River: River Kent,

Favourite Boat: Dagger Axiom,

Likes: Anything on the water, Stupid tan lines, Trying to rap

Mat Lamont - Kit Sec

Course: Ship Science

Favourite River: River Kent

Favourite Boat: Random Revolution

Likes: Surf Kayaking, Running Sick rivers, surf kayaking, climbing, travelling to great surf spots

Harrie Ridler - Safety Sec / Welfare Officer

Course: Civil Engineering

Favourite river? Classic Dart Loop

Favourite boat? Dagger RPM

Likes: Jäger bombs, possessed elephants, Being called Rachel, The smell of Deep Heat

Oli Dalziel  - Training Sec

Course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Favourite river: Chocolate river, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Favourite boat: The rubber dingy

Likes: Rugby, Rugby, a bit more rugby and ballet.

Cara Kelly-Watkins  - Secretary

Course: Civil Engineering

Favourite river: Any that don't make her ill

Favourite boat: Children's Kayaks

Likes: Oreos, Dressing up as a dragon, Climbing, Taking naps at every possible opportunity.

Rachel 'Threeway' Lancaster - Social Sec

Course: Oceanography

Favourite River: TBC, she wants to paddle more first!

Favourite Boat: Jackson Antix

Likes: Aggressive group hugs, facial injuries, the seaside, doggos, knowing she’s the superior social sec

'Onion' Dan Plewman - Social Sec

Course: Oceanography

Favourite River: A flat regatta lake

Favourite Boat: Nelo Vanquish 2

Likes: Sleep, Onions, Being the primary Social Sec

Will Sparrow - Web Sec

Course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Favourite River: River Leven

Favourite Boat: Big Dog Kaos

Likes: Good Whisky, Playing around with tech, Messing about in boats