Freshers Meeting

Just in case anyone had forgotten…..

Our Freshers meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd October, starting at 6:30pm in building 7, room 3009. This will be followed by our incredible Fresher’s social to Portswood, getting you nicely acquainted with the bars, pubs and clubs of the area. At the meeting itself, you can learn more about the club and will have the opportunity to join us (only £30 for the whole year – with a load of benefits) and come on the freshers trip to Perranporth (at a special price of only £30 for the weekend with all this included).
Meet outside the Stags Head at 6:15pm we’ll take everyone over to building 7 (look out for one of the committee waving a paddle).
this is one of the highlights of the year for freshers and club members alike, so not one to miss!
Stabby Joe
Safety Sec
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