Previous Committees

Committee 2016-2017

President: Grace
Vice-President: Raquelle the pro
Treasurer: Amy
Secretary: Gem Gem
Training Sec: Josh
Kit Sec: Nick
Safety Sec: Jack
Social Sec: Zoe
Social Sec: George
Web Sec: Taylor

Committee 2015-2016

President: Fred Curtin-Sewell
Vice-President: Man Nat
Treasurer: Tristan
Secretary: Alexis
Training Sec: Em
Kit Sec: Dan
Safety Sec: Will
Social Sec: Gracieee
Social Sec: Ellenor
Social Sec: Ben

Committee 2014-2015

President: Toby
Vice-President: Weever (Beccaa)
Master of Coin: Navin
Secretary: Em
Training Sec: Bibby
Kit Sec: Will
Safety Sec: Brona
Social Sec: Kathryn
Social Sec: Sally
Web Sec: Chips (Jack)

Committee 2013-2014

President: Wallace
Vice-President: Ollie
Treasurer: Oli “Tim”
Secretary: Annie
Training Sec: Mike
Kit Sec: Taylor
Safety Sec: Pete
Social Sec: Becky
Social Sec: Pernille the moose
Social Sec: Alex ‘Dirty Alice’
Web Sec: Kate

Committee 2012-2013

President: Dennis
Vice-President: Will
Treasurer: Hugh
Secretary: Pernille
Training Sec: Sam
Kit Sec:Tristan
Safety Sec: Stabby
Social Sec: Doug
Social Sec: Danger Nat
Web Monkey: Dean

Committee 2011-2012

President: Thom
Vice-President: Matt Wright
Treasurer: Michael Green
Secretary: Kathryn Herbert
Webmaster: Dave Channon
Training Sec: Katie "Paddles" Locke
Kit Sec: Luke Kelland
Safety Sec: Rob "Naked Rob" Richardson
Social Sec: Emily Corden
Social Sec: Alex "Dirty Alice" Jacob
General Committee Member: Tom "Stabby" Keogh

Committee 2010-2011

President: Paul "TPJ" Clark
Vice-President: Matt Kelly
Treasurer: Dave "Dorset" Channon
Secretary: Imogen Nicholson
Web Monkey: John "Sherman" Griffiths
Training Sec: George "Curly" Godfrey
Kit Sec: Rob "Whirly" McWhirter
Safety Sec: Tom Pritchard
Social Sec: 'Beardy Dan' Woollard
Social Sec: Emily Moore
Social Sec: 'Kiss from a' Rose Lansbury

Committee 2009-2010

President: Eric Westenbrink
Vice President: Dave Goffe
Treasurer: Andrew Sylvester
Secretary: Kate Hutchinson
Social Secretary: Bobbi Hammond and Ali Barnett
Training Secretary: George Holmyard
Kit Secretary: Pete Curtis
Online Secretary: John Griffiths
Safety Secretary: Alex Payne

Committee 2008-2009

President: Chris Stevens
Vice President: Dan Crowley
Treasurer: Andrew Sylvester
Secretary: Cat Jones
Social Secretary: Leah Doak and Louise Hartley
Training Secretary: Dave Goffe
Kit Secretary: Simon Bottons and Eric Westenbrink
Online Secretary: Matt Vincent
Maltese Secretary: John Joseph Valletta

Committee 2007-2008

President: Jo Monk
Vice President: Stave Mccorquodale
Treasurer: Laura McKelvie
Secretary: Anna Belcher
Social Secretary: Anna Greenwood and Hannah Tinsley McRink
Training Secretary: Ella Darlington
Kit Secretary: Simon Bottoms and Jack Lunnon
Online Secretary: Tim Rochester

Committee 2006-2007

President: Richard Morley
Vice President: Tim Catalyst de Party
Treasurer: Tom Wright
Secretary: Jenny Gales
Social Secretary: Helen Wilkins, Helen Rossall, Laurent Wallis
General member: Laura McKelvie
Kit Secretary: Tom Walby
Online Secretary: George Mortimer

Committee 2005-2006

President: James 'Palm' Gray
Vice President: Danny Young
Treasurer: Thom "older than your average" Harvey
Secretary: Beth Holden
Social Secretary: George Mortimer and Hannah Garner
Training Secretary: Tim Ripper
Online Secretary: Steveo

Committee 2004-2005

President: Err..
Vice President: Good Question..
Social Secretary:
Training Secretary:
Kit Secretary:
Online Secretary:

Committee 2003-2004

President: Err..
Vice President: Good Question..
Social Secretary:
Training Secretary:
Kit Secretary:
Online Secretary:

Committee 2002-2003

President: Ian Plummer
Vice President: Hugh Thomas
Club Secretary: Fran Bateman
Treasurer: John Goode
Social Secretary: Fiona Mallarky
Transport Officer: Adam Walker
Equipment Officer: John Leyland
General Committee Member: Katie Fisher
Polo Captain: Helen Coxon
Polo Secretary: Mel Pyne
Polo Treasurer: Richard Wiltshire

Committee 2000-2001

President - Toby Cull
Toby is the BOSS (or so we let him think, he is your first port of call for all your canoeing questions. If he doesn't know the answer then well.. he's stupid isn't he. Just don't expect to see Toby before noon, he doesn't do mornings.

Vice President / Polo Treasurer- Mike Burton
HELLLLLLLO!!!! If you hear this you know that Mike's around. Apart from mindless yelling Mike also helps Toby with running of the club. Oh, and takes money off polo players.

Club Secretary - Chris Vian
Chris is the guy who gets us access to all the rivers and ensures that all of the club's trips run to plan. He also writes thing down in meetings.. apparently

Treasurer - Sarah Kennedy
She looks after the club's finances, membership and trip costs. Sarah's the person you don't want to owe money to. If you hear a heavy knock on your door then hide under the bed..

Social Secretary - Andy Ramage
Often seen around the time of a full moon. Andy is an ex-president. He couldn`t resist coming back in the esteemed position of social secretary! He has promised to organise a piss up in a brewery this year-watch this space!!

Transport Officer - Jon Seddon
If you want to know anything about minibuses then you can try talking to Jon. It may sound boring but without him we would all be walking to Cornwall with canoes on our heads. Jon is also rather fond of skinny dipping in the union pond!

Equipment Officer - John Abbotts
John looks after all the club's equipment such as boats, helmets, buoyancy aids and paddles. Please respect our kit (respect for John is optional!!) so that it stays in good condition

Polo Captain - Ed Ballard
Ed is rather handy with balls.. or so we've been told! And he would be delighted to help you master your technique - on the polo pitch of course!! As captain of the polo club he can help you bring another dimension to your canoeing.