Whether you’re a beginner or expert, trips are your chance to get on some moving water and try out all the skills you’ve learned in the pool and on the Itchen. Taking place every fortnight, there are trips to Devon, Cornwall, Wales, The Lake District, etc., where you’ll be taken on rivers or to the beach and lead by a group of experienced paddlers.

Staying in huts and schools in the evenings, food, drinks and games are put on to keep you entertained all weekend and allow you to dry out ready for another fun day on the river!

Click here for a video showcasing some paddling on our river trips!

Here is a provisional guide for the Trip Dates this year. Please be aware that some trips are for Intermediates only and that the dates are subject to change:

In order to go on trips, please be aware that it is required you attend a Weir session and attend a safety talk. Please also see the  River Safety Presentation for additional information.


Q: When are they? How do I sign up?!

A: Club trips are run every fortnight, at the weekend! Check the calendar or ask committee for details of when! We run a sign-up system on facebook so look out for that a few days before the trip date.

Q: How long are trips?

A: We always leave on a Friday evening and return on a Sunday evening, except for the last trip of the year when you get an extra day due to the May bank holiday!

Q: If I’m on a trip, where do I meet and at what time?

A: We normally meet at the university boat hard at 5.30pm on the Friday of that trip, we leave as close to 6pm as we can so be punctual! If possible, it’s always worth getting to the boat hard half an hour early to help out.

Q: What is the trip cost and what do I get for my money?

A: The fee for the weekend is currently £45 (subject to change). This gets you:

Travel to and from the trip, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Saturday, breakfast and lunch on the Sunday & all the kit you could ever need! (Cag, Wet-suit, spray deck, paddle, BA, helmet and boat). This also includes the 2 nights accommodation…..BARGAIN!

Q: Okay so what do I need to bring?

A: Other than yourself you will need…. (you can always ask if you’re not sure)

Warm clothes
River clothes (swimming stuff, fleeces etc)
Shoes that you can get wet
Cutlery (fork, knife, spoon, bowl, plate, cup)
Roll-matt/air bed/Thermarest
Sleeping bag and pillow
Water proof clothing as it has been known to rain (a lot)…
Money for food on the Friday night and also for alcohol over the weekend!

We would like to remind everyone going in/on the water to cover any open cuts with a waterproof dressing/plaster, try not to drink river water, try to wash your hands with soap before eating, and make sure you wash after paddling. If you do start feeling ill and decide to visit the doctor please mention you have been in the river and mention Weil’s to the GP.

“An expert in leptospirosis has estimated that the risk of contracting a leptospirosis infection by taking part in these types of activities is as low as 1 in 10 million”

If you do want a bit more information then please see the NHS Direct website here.

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