Southampton goes to NSR 2014

The National Student Rodeo is the highlight of Southampton’s kayaking year, and 2014 proved no exception. Congratulations to everyone who competed and helped us win 2nd place and a shiny new Zet Raptor boat! We did really well to have someone in most of the finals and took part in some really good paddling. We even had several competitors in the women’s intermediate heats which was a new category this year.

With the theme of heroes and villains SUCC dressed as fishermen – the villains of kayaking. Everyone got into the spirit of the costume running around in yellow rain ponchos and lining the course with fishing rods and Angling signs, though not all of them survived the party on Saturday night!

Some of our olds started getting a bit broody…for dogs! This video was the result and will hopefully put a smile on your face, it certainly does ours 🙂

Everyone had a really good trip and we are looking forward to next year already!

Tywi & Wye 2013

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to go on a river trip yet, here’s a little snippet of what we get up to…

We left the boat hard with kit and freshers all safely packed for the long journey over the boarder – in to Wales. Bravery mounting, a game of Bragg saw increasing stakes, and keen to show off her physical skills Weever entertained everyone with a slow-motion belly slide across the hall into a collapsing table.

Paddling down the Tywi everyone got involved and had great fun. Practicing river skills, eddying in and out and ferry gliding everyone made it safely down to the bottom, though a few freshers were more eager than others to encounter the rocks at the bottom!

Returning to the hut there was an overdose of vegetable curry and then began the practice of some of SUCC’s more refined skills; J-cup!! A new and improved version of the Game of Thrones drinking game featured a custom made Throne of Paddles and some extended rules. Up bright and early the next morning for paddling down the Wye, dodging more rocks and a rather large tree at the end. Van faff and we were off home again. All in all a good trip – Thanks Team Olly!

Hope everyone’s buzzing for the Christmas Dart!!