A refresh and a blast from the past

If you’ve stumbled onto the site in its current state, you might not recognise it. It’s a new home for SUCC that I’ve build over the last 4 days – and filled with old SUCC stuff by Mr Sylvester.

Some features might be a bit iffy, and there’s no videos – but that’s to come! Any feedback is welcome, in the comments or to my email (which you should all have).

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  1. Just testing to see what the comments look like. The old SUCC stuff as Dave likes to call it is all the trip reports and things that were on the wiki and we have just moved them over as they were missing of the other site. If there is another information – or pages that people might think are a good idea give us a shout. And people thought I had stopped meddling 😉

  2. Just a thought, and not sure if this is me being incompetent with technology, but is there a home button on the top bit as that would be mightily useful 🙂

    • How do you mean by home button? There is a home link, or where you thinking of something else?

      • Also if you click the image banner at the top or the logo it also takes you to the home page.

  3. Nugz has this to say…

    “make the forum link open in a new page
    and link the top level of the nested menus to a general page.. e.g.. trips… when u don’t click a detailed option have it go to a page with pics of each type of trip
    other than that its perfect”

        • Yes, was not sure whether to leave it the way it is or just have the last two years and link to the older years from that page. Also can you find the years that are missing from the old wiki?

  4. The forum also has a link back to the main site, take a look.

    Menus were difficult, I’ll have a play. You ok if I put some of your videos up Dave? If there was an alps post we could put it on that etc?

  5. Opening any link in a new page is a bad idea. It inspires a hatred similar to pop up adds. If someone wants to open a link in a new window they middle click in most browsers, or right click and selected new tab/window.

    Might be a nice idea to add the banner to the top of the forum page. Not sure how easy that will be with the combination of templates being used.

    As for the old committees, if you SSH into the susu web file system there is a folder in the succ site that has the old website in. you can hunt through that for the page but i think all the data might be stored in the old database… Its not the same sql server used by last years system, but let me know if you need address/login details.

    • Which links open in new windows?

      Will consider doing that when I have time, it’s a bit more work than just including a new header file as I want it to stay dynamic.

      I have the old database and files, but the php is so old that lots of the main code is depreciated. I couldn’t really be bothered to install an older PHP version, or to load up the BLOBs from the database!

      Thanks for the feedback though, still quite a list to work through…

  6. I have just had an idea… it can be added later, but could there be a previous committees page, where nastalgic people like myself can look back and say, wow what an ugly unch of C”nts we were!

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