Valentines Dart [Pandora’s Box] 2011

Pandora’s Box: Facial Jargon

Many faces are often witnessed in this club, some good, some bad… and most ugly.

Exhibit A:Pandora’s Box

This wet slot has claimed many faces, but as you will see, none as colourful as the next few images.

Exhibit B: Looking cool

Matt Kelly

As much as it pains me to admit, this is a cool face. Determined, yet a deep understanding of the complicated mechanisms of life, perhaps gained from experiences in a remote country in a past existence… Or it’s just Matt “what a t**t” Kelly feeling good for getting a great line.

Exhibit C: Fear

George Holmyard

For some strange reason a recurring theme of fear has been witnessed on this feature, maybe people their faces a little too much?

Exhibit D: Distain

Will Swallow

The sort of distain that says “I cocked that up and I’m not happy about it”…”not one bit”.

Exhibit E: Fear?

Dave Goffe

Another Example of fear, yet this fear is a little odd looking.

Exhibit F: F***

Dan Crowley

This time, Distain turns into F***, “F***, I really cocked this up and I’m now heading to Pinsville…Sideways”.

Exhibit G: One Last Ugly breath

Chris Stevens

The High brace fails, what do you do?! Breathe deep my friend, breathe deep and fast.

Exhibit H: Ahhhh

George Godfrey

Looking at it will not make it go away!

Exhibit I: The Stiff Upper Lip

Andrew Sylvester

Remaining ever composed, Sylvester you maintain unparalleled river etiquette.

Exhibit J: Literal Relief

Huw Edwards

Huw feeling several pounds lighter here.

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