Valentines Dart 2011

SUCC, my sweet…

I knew that this time we spent together would be magical,

As soon as our eyes met across the Boat Hard,

The day we threw caution to the wind,

And our sleeping bags in the van.

Many a moment we shared that evening,

As the drinking games continued long into the night,

And even though I sucked an old’s nipple,

I assure you it meant nothing.


I could only gaze longingly at the get-on,

As you struggled into a pair of wet thermals.

And as I watched your line down Lover’s Leap,

I felt Cupid’s arrow pierce the front of my buoyancy aid,

Though unfortunately, it tore through my last piece of river chocolate.


I fondly recall the evening during which we walked,

Hand in hand, under the pale moonlight,

To the 24hour Tesco,

As we had run out of alcohol during a rather intense game of Touchcup.

And though you may have failed to down a copious amount of lemonade,

I woke sorrowfully the next morning,

Knowing that after another day upon the Loop,

We would once again have to part ways, (Until NSR of course…).


Much love, as always, from your Beardy admirer… XXX

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