General Overview

When buying a kayaking helmet you want to make sure it has good coverage of your head and also fits you well. Most helmets will come with padding packs, but remember you’ll be wearing it for hours, so if it’s at all uncomfortable try a different size or a different helmet. Helmets vary in price an awful lot, they range from around £30 to £200; I’m going to list some helmets that I personally like in different price ranges:


Shred Ready Standard


There's also the option for full-face helmets, these provide a lot more protection when on the water but are also heavier and bulkier:

When buying a helmet (and any kayaking kit for that matter) it is important to think about colour; black and at times white kit is hard to spot in the water, so ideally go for a bright helmet that would catch peoples attention.

The price of helmets reflects the materials they are made out of; if you are interested in learning about the different types of materials in helmets this is a good link (although there’s a lot of off topic): http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=96897&start=30

If you have any questions please ask a more experienced member or a committee member and they will be happy to help.

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