Committee 2013-2014

The committee are responsible for the running of the club, and are elected each year. Check out the profiles below for more info on each.

President: Wallace

Course: Geophysics
Boat: Yes Please
Favourite River: Kent or Leven
Favourite Wave: Sine Wave
Favourite Beach: Perranporth


Vice-President: Ollie

Course: Paediatric Nursing
Boat: Wendy Wavesport
Favourite River: Etive
Favourite Wave: Itchen Death gorge
Favourite Beach: Perranporth


Treasurer: Oli “Tim”

Course: Civil Engineering
Boat: Wilma the Wavesport Project 52
Favourite River: The Itchen
Favourite Wave: Itchen Death Gorge!!!
Favourite Beach: Rhossili


Secretary: Annie

Course: Marine Biology
Boat: The club one I broke on triple step.
Favourite River: Itchen death gorge
Favourite Wave: Mexican
Favourite Beach: Perranporth, beautiful scenery and bangin surf!


Training Sec: Mike

Course: Electronic Engineering/Professional Nerdom
Boat: Vajda Kapsl II, Project X
Favourite River: L’Isere, en France
Favourite Wave: A nameless beauty at Abbey Rapids,
spate level Tees. Looping slalom boats? Easy.
Favourite Beach: Rhossili


Kit Sec: Taylor

Course: BSc Geography
Boat: Varun
Favourite River: The Kent
Favourite Wave: Itchen death gorge!
Favourite Beach: Perranporth


Safety Sec: Pete

Course: MSci Geophysics
Boat: Red 2008 Allstar
Favourite River: Etive
Favourite Wave: Hurley
Favourite Beach: Perranporth!!


Social Sec: Becky

Course: Geography
Boat: Boat Ball Boat- comes complete with a bar and no need for a B.A.!
Favourite River: Tywi and Wye
Favourite Wave: A waving bear
Favourite Beach: Perranporth is always fun


Social Sec: Pernille the moose

Course: Mech Eng
Boat: I don’t believe in boats
Favourite River: Hurdy?
Favourite Wave: Itchen Death Gorge
Favourite Beach: Ingierstrand


Social Sec: Alex ‘Dirty Alice’

Course: MSci Geophysics
Boat: Jackson All Star
Favourite River: The River Kent
Favourite Wave: One that won’t kill me
Favourite Beach: Polzeath


Web Sec: Kate

Course: English and History
Boat: Method Perception
Favourite River: Tywi
Favourite Wave: a small one!
Favourite Beach:Rhossili