Committee 2014-2015

The committee are responsible for the running of the club, and are elected each year. Check out the profiles below for more info on each.

President: Toby

Course: Electronic Engineering
Boat: The Manly Pink Boat
Favourite River: River Etive
Favourite Wave: Inlet Gate
Favourite Beach: Any with a beach bar


Vice-President: Weever (Beccaa)

Course: Zoology
Boat: Bear the RPM (but we had a fall out so I'm boatless)
Favourite River: The knaarrrly Dart Loop
Favourite Wave: Bridge wave at NSR
Favourite Beach: Woolacombe


Master of Coin: Navin

Course: Biomedical Science
Boat: I don't know any boats!
Favourite River: Itchen!!!!!
Favourite Wave: The one after rohipnol kicks in
Favourite Beach: Anything I can run down singing baywatch to (manboobs juggling and all)


Secretary: Em

Course: Oceanography
Boat: The one upside down
Favourite River: The Dart
Favourite Wave: Tidal Wave
Favourite Beach: Croyde


Training Sec: Bibby

Course: Psychology
Boat: Alphonso the Allstar
Favourite River: River Leven
Favourite Wave: Hurley
Favourite Beach: I don't like beaches


Kit Sec: Will

Course: Mechanical Engineering
Boat: Pyranha Z one
Favourite River: The Dart
Favourite Wave: Any I don't drown on
Favourite Beach: All beaches


Safety Sec: Brona

Course: Children and Adults Nursing
Boat: One that doesn't capsize
Favourite River: Woop woop the Dart Loop
Favourite Wave: Partying on inlet gate
Favourite Beach: Rhossilli


Social Sec: Kathryn

Course: Nursing
Boat: In my dreams
Favourite River: Levern
Favourite Wave: Mexican wave
Favourite Beach: Padstow


Social Sec: Sally

Course: Marine Biology
Boat: Those with Yamaha engines
Favourite River: Not sure yet
Favourite Wave: 3-5 ft, clean, without sharks
Favourite Beach: Koroni; somewhere in Greece


Web Sec: Chips (Jack)

Course: Geophysics
Boat: Pyranha Varun
Favourite River: The Dart
Favourite Wave: Any small one!
Favourite Beach: A sunny one


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