The River Usk 2010

The Mighty Usk!

A trip?

To the Usk?

Organised by an old married couple?

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Yes, it was that time of year again, to journey to South Wales, where the valleys are low, the hills are high and the water is undrinkable. We arrived after many shenanigans in cars/minibuses, including a sing-along, which the freshers were very reluctant to join in with (I mean, who doesn’t like The Who?).

We settled down in luxurious accommodation, complete with stage AND table, and cracked open some beverages. Entertainment was provided by the SUCC Guitar and Ukulele Orchestra, who played along to such heart-warming melodies as ‘Fuck Her Gently’, and ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’. A game of ring of fire ensued, until we all decided it would be a good idea to get some rest before the river-running calamities of the next day.

After a delicious helping of burnt porridge, we made our way to the get-on, only to find that we were one BA short…ultimate faff! Leaving our beloved treasurer behind, we got into our groups, and got onto some GNARLY white water! Highlights on the river included Curly getting pinned to a rock by not one, but two freshers, Iona discovering superhuman strength and destroying a pair of paddles, and some epic boogying.

Saturday evening progressed in true SUCC style, with the creation of a new game…









…and the trip organisers, after all their hard work, getting taped to a tree. As usual, everything turned into drunken madness; a wild game of spoons turned sour (JJ, you’re a cheat); ‘I have never’ revealed some interesting truths about certain freshers (story!). A tickle

war broke out among some members while some freshers were trying to get to sleep (for future reference, those who are impossibly ticklish include JJ, Iona and Beardy). The next morning we took to the river again, however nothing unusual happened due to the disappointingly low water level, apart from Rossall illegally driving the van and getting the seats wet. After an effortless day’s paddling, we headed back to sunny Southampton via KFC with sore throats and lime juice stains.

By Beardy Dan and Kate Herbert

Dave gets friendly with a tree 🙂

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