Scotland Easter 2007

Fun! Cocktails, paddling, skiing, mountain bikeing, beer, swimming, snow, rain, sun, wind, fun.

Friday Night…. the journey, during which no drivers got bored, fell asleep, or wore a stupid hat.

Saturday morning….the rest of the journey and the Middle Orchy.

Sunday..Snow.. Spean Gorge

Monday..Snow.. Etive

Tuesday..Snow.. Skiing/Snowboarding.. Harvey joins the gang.

Wednesday.. Spean Gorge on two pipes. Morley drops sideways doing a paddle twirl into a hole and survives…Alan gets sucked back and doesn’t.

Thursday.. Upper Roy, Gorge and lower. Laurent attempts to make Tony sick by driving Burto’s car. Swimtastic! Roch gets sucked off by Roy! Roy steals Vians boat! Roy makes Beth wet! Roy makes many more swim.

Friday.. Findhorn

Saturday.. The Etive in the warm, an amazing amount of fun involving right angle falls. No-one wants to leave

Sunday Morning… the final leg of the journey, unpacking very quietly at 5 in the morning, an interesting experience when George is involved.

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