River Usk 1998

River Usk, Wales, November 1998

This trip started off like all other trips, a few people down the boathard when they should be, a lot of people arriving very late and one person turning up even later. But despite this there was very little faff and the bus got underway before seven.

A nice speedy drive ensured we were there before closing time. Arriving at the pub we discover the olds had all been there a lot longer than we had and had therefore had time to consume large amounts of alcohol, therefore making them all pissed.

Saturday morning was, once again, Faff free and we left for the river by half nine. Arriving at the river we unloaded the trailer and began to sort people out. After a lot of effort the last group were actually on the river by twelve.

Fun was had on the river. Karen was happy to lead her first ever bit of river, a few people swam. The biggest faff of the day has to go to Michelle. Whilst taking a little dip she managed to lose a shoe, chip a tooth and generally have a complete nightmare.

It was now time to head off to the tea shop then back to the hut for a superb chilli and that all important tequila round. At this point I won’t mention the custard. Then off to the pub to show the olds how it should really be done.

Sunday morning started off slightly slower, except for Jamie, Stu and Aidan who made it out of the door in record time to do a river before they paddled with the club.

It was another one of those days on the river where Karen Swam, Michelle showed us all the right line and Stu and Neil tried to show off but it all went wrong. Jamie came to Karen’s rescue once more but it all nearly went wrong. And Ed tried the same for Nicky, cool moves Ed but it was definately the wrong time to be doing them.

It was then that time to head home, so after the usual faff of kit loading we headed home. Again in super quick time despite sitting on the M4 for hours in a traffic jam. We made it home and it was still Sunday (only just though).

Another TOP weekend in my opinion, but then I am biased cause it was my trip.

Written by Neil on 11/11/98 Another trip by Slugs Cunning Enterprises

So just how did Michelle loose her shoe?

Michelle Claims: “The water was so powerful it got sucked of my foot!!”

We Say: “She didn’t do it up!!”

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