Lakes 1997

Lake District, Cumbria, 31st January – 2nd February 1997

The trip started off with the usual Faff Faff Faff. Just like any normal club trip everyone turns up late and we end up leaving the boathard at about 7PM. We then drove around Oxford for ages trying to find peppers.(but with no success) 2AM we arrive at the lakes. Cheese on toast followed and a nice early night (about 3am).

Next morning (just) we were up bright and early (NOT!!!) and some of us went off for a paddle. Well OK more of a bump and a scrape. We set off down the Crake and found that to paddle over the weirs you had to paddle uphill. We got down though. NO swims but lots and lots of scratches and dents on the boats.(Just ask Ross) We then headed back to the hut, via the off licence of course, and sat down to wait for a lovely meal. Unfortunately Kev and Jamie were cooking and the meal had a distinct taste of being burnt (Most of the food is still on the pan as it refused to come off after hours of scrubbing.) Saturday night off to the pub for a nice game of darts and then back to the centre for some usual silly games. Andy W is officially the best at playing silly games. Lou was definitely cheating!!!

Sunday morning started off with some bloke coming round with a bell and waking us all up. We had the usual Faff of sorting out the centre and then headed off to a huge play hole. It was in fact a tiny little wave so we headed off to the tea shop instead. We headed home early and this time managed to find peppers.

Overall a great time but it’s a shame that there was no water!!

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