River Dee tour 1995

River Dee tour, Wales, November 1995

The weekend of the 18 November saw SUCC forgetting all about those essays due in this week and shooting off to N Wales, to join the throng of hardened and not-so-hardened canoeists throwing themselves down this rather coool river.

Saturday morning was really cool (and cold too), due in bulk to the fact that the bus arrived after closing time and we made it onto the river dead early before everyone else arrived and spoiled our fun by crowding it out (whingewhinge… let’s be more sensible next year, eh folks? It’s more fun for everyone if you aren’t going to land on someone trying to fight their way into the playhole!) The looping pool just above Nomads was, er… looping nicely, with plenty of quality piroettes from Facey, Andy W, Nev, Joe and everyone else really. Helen gave a noble demonstration of how to go fishing for rocks with your forehead, giving Dawn an opportunity to show off her first aid skills and the nurse at Wrexham Hospital some steri-strip-sticking practice. Bandages became a fashion item this weekend…

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