Highcliffe-on-sea 1994

Highcliffe-on-sea freshers session, Dorset, October 1994

This trip was a very popular trip and was attended by 40-50 freshers, the idea of the trip was just to get the prospective new members into a canoe, and see if they liked it (or not).

The day was split into two. The first group of freshers paddled in the morning, with some instuctructors teaching from canoes, and others standing up to their necks in water.

The first load were taken back to southampton just before lunch,(They were a little bit delayed due to the fact that the president decided to play hide the minibus keys in the Duo!). While the first lot were being dropped home, and the second lot being picked up, this gave the instructors time to get out, and go and get some lunch. A lot of us couldnt be bothered to get changed, so walked to the shops in our wetsuits, (We did at least take our buoyancy aids and spraydecks off first!).

About an hour later, the second load arrived, and the afternoon teaching session commenced. The day went relatively O.K. apart from Alex temporarily misplacing the Minibus keys, and only 1 person seemed not to really enjoying themselves due to a scare of thinking that they could not get out of the boat, (They didn’t drown, so i don’t know what they were worrying about!).