The classiest of the Bevois establishments. Cleaner then Jesters just, modern, interesting cocktails. But a whole night there is pricier then Jesters unless on a Tuesday! Big Outside area, this can be a downside as takes more people to give the place a buzz.

The place to be on a Tuesday night! £1 doubles, £1.50 triples for the real heroes! Many SUCC freshers and 2nd years can found circulating here and nursing hangovers for Wednesday river sessions.

Cocktail Guide- Not that many people actually buy them!

  • Turbo Shandy – Lager and Smirnoff Ice – I think it tastes like crap but everyone else likes it!
  • Cheeky Vimto – Classic! Port, Blue Wkd etc – Really good, but go easy on them!
  • Bloody Studdy – Archers, Vodka, Cranberry, Orange (If i remember) – Really Tasty, Crap name!
  • Pink Panther – Similar to Bloody Studdy – Pink, great for the girlies!


Google Map Next to Clowns and Jesters in Bevois valley. From Portswood, walk down the high street towards town. Keep on the same road for about 1/4 mile, until you start going downhill. It’s on the left past Jesters.