Clowns and Jesters

Clowns and Jesters

A pub/club duo in Bevois (next to Hobbit and So-Bar)


Cheap, no thrills pub. Did I mention it’s cheap? Juicy Lucy is the cocktail to have ,it will start you off on a good night, and it makes your sick a pretty colour... When you make it into Jesters a Jesticle is its brother.

Jesters aka "Palace of Dreams"

After a full make over earlier this year Jesters has rocked up to second from bottom in the "UK's classiest Clubs." Any questions about Jesters simply ask the social secretary, they spend most of their lives there!

Vital Guide

  • Monday - 50p Pints (£5 entry)
  • Tuesday - No idea
  • Wednesday - AU Night (Cheap shots)
  • Thursday - Hire out night (least busy)
  • Friday - £3 Bottles of Wine!
  • Saturday - Probably Cheap
  • A Jesticle cocktail is always a good idea!


Google Map From Portswood, walk down the high street towards town. Keep on the same road for about 1/4 mile, until you start going downhill. It's on the left.