Dart Day Trip 2007

What better to do on a free thursday during exams than to run a day trip to the Dart?


  • A uni minibus limited to 60
  • A car
  • Lots and lots of straps
  • Playboats NOT creekers
  • A unhealthily early start

After a Maccy D’s stop to settle the Jesters stomach, we got to newbridge and agreed that there was “Loads of Water!” (slightly optomistic). Luckily it wasn’t too low, and the paddle to RDCP went without a hitch. Sightings included freshers loving the seal launch, Thom’s comedy flop off Holne Bridge, and Stubbles grinning like a cheshire cat down tripple 3.

All boats and kit made their way up to the bus, where they were returned back to the river to continue on the mighty lower dart. Everyone was very nervous about the club’s first descent, many of the leaders never having run continuous grade 1. Luckily Polo Nick has run it a few years back, and assured us there was nothing to worry about, informing us that he would meet us at the get out “It’s by a bridge”.

The lower proved to be a dart horse (pun) and it was agreed in should be run on future trips. Not too dissimilar to the loop, however a massive horizon line puzzled everyone. It turned out to be a tall but shallow-sloped weir with exiting steps on the left designed to put the wind up dozy paddlers.

A quick change, and we were back in time for the pool session! Thanks, Tim!