Committee 2021-2022

Euan Donovan-Hill - President

Likes: Dabbing, yeeting and fanta

Dislikes: faff, alcohol

Euan is very excited and enthusiastic about all things SUCC. His biggest passions in life are dabbing and drinking Fanta and he’s been eager to execute these throughout his 2 years as president.

Minimus Smith - Vice President 

Likes: Kayaking, jesters and canoe polo

Dislikes: Dom beating him in anything

Max (aka) Minimus Smith did kayaking before he joined the club and is now gaining a lot of experience. You’ll always see max at a social and is the last one to leave, he has to always get a cheeky charcoal grill visit after as well.

Reith Sopwith - Treasurer

Likes: kayaking, river trips and accounting

Dislikes: Being out of practice, covid, SUCC faff

More like Reith SOPPYwith, this lovely bloke is one of the most welcoming and sweet people in the club. Yet another veteran of SUCC and of the treasurer role, this handsome fella will be handling our finances for the first half of the year until Sophie returns from abroad. He didn't embezzle any funds last time so fingers crossed for another clean record!

George Rutt AKA Sophie The Man - Treasurer

Likes: The palace of dreams, people who pay on time, baking and cooking

Dislikes: Lockdown and not being able to go to socials, olives

George, or as he's affectionately known, Sophie is another SUCC veteran. Sophie's been around the block and seen it all in SUCC. A friendly face to freshers and olds alike he'll be sharing the role with Reith as next year they'll both be very busy boys!

Ben Watkins - Secretary

Likes: river chocolate, NSR, sleeping

Dislikes: Covid, Trent belly and swimming

Ben is an enthusiastic member of the society who's been eager to get on the committee for a while. Now he's here he's getting stuck in and helping out wherever he can. You can usually find him at a river session in his distinctive orange cag leading the pack!

Skipper Green - Kit Sec

Likes: kit, his job, Ripper, Vans

Dislikes: Leaky boats, Jackson kayaks, unnecessary faff

As well as always being on it with organising and replacing kit, Skipper is also a very committed member of the group who is seen at most events we run. He is also a very talented playboater who knows a trick or two.

If you're lucky (or unlucky) you may also hear him talking about planes...

Kate Scott-Taylor - Safety Sec

Likes: kayaking, sailing, safety, Ed

Dislikes: faff, having her photo taken

Kate is a committed, hard-working member of the club who loves all things relating to kayaking and windsurfing (but hopefully more kayaking)

Josh M'Caw - Training Sec

Likes: chucking himself in the weir, chocolate and running around the forest

Dislikes: getting munched by the weir, fizzy drinks, getting lost in the forest

Josh is a skilled kayaker who's big on getting as many new members experienced and on the water as possible. He's the one to speak to if you have any questions about pool or river sessions and he'll be more than happy to give you a hand

Ciara McLauchin - Social Sec

Likes: being a photographer on trips, eggcelent carnage, cheesy music and Jacob

Dislikes: Swans, swans and more swans

Ciara is a bubbly, fun, committed member of Committee who enjoys any outdoor activity. She is currently working on improving her play boating skills so watch this space!!!!

As all good social secs should she will guarantee you have as much fun as is physically possible at socials, so keep an eye out for these🍾

Sam Burt - Social Sec

Likes: chips, curry sauce, live gigs, new forest ponies

Dislikes: walking up Church Lane at 3am, messy kitchens, the cold

Samantha Burt is incredibly passionate about getting as many women kayaking as possible. She's also our welfare sec so if you ever need someone to talk to she's your person! While not the most technically gifted paddler Sam makes up for it in spades by her enthusiasm and willingness to swim. You'll be able to find her easily in a crowd with her bright purple hair and if you're ever walking down riverside park and see a streak of purple dye left in the water you know Sam's just paddled by!

Alex White - Social Sec

Likes: mischief, eggs, paddleboards and sometimes a bit of nibbling 😮

Dislikes: kayaking

Alex is an energetic, fun member of Committee who, let’s face it, is mostly here for the socials (and sometimes paddleboarding)!! He’s regularly offered to host socials at his house, a sign of embracing the social sec role.

Alex is also a friendly, approachable member of Committee so if you have any queries or concerns about socials or while on socials, he will always be happy to help along with the other social secs Sam and Ciara!!

Dom Loveland - Web Sec

Likes: Aston Villa, alcohol, being on Committee, dominating, jesters and charcoal grill

Dislikes: sobar, buying costumes for socials I’ll never use again and being called the denominator

Despite having a questionable canoeing ability, Dom is very involved in the club through making sure all web sec tasks are completed and staying until the end of socials (on most occasions)

He is also the only Committee member in the Freshers Group Chat allowing him to be the first point of contact for any suggestions they may have