Clive T. Bear

Hello, and welcome to my page! I am a member of Southampton University Canoe Club. Contrary to popular belief, I wasn't stolen from a village hall in South Wales: I wanted out of that horrid place, away from the hordes of toddlers who kicked and threw me about making my life a misery. I managed to escape with an adoring group of students who promised me a life of luxury.


And what did I get?

Here are a few of my hobbies

Clive the Paddler

Clive the Acrobat

Clive the Bumbag

Clive the GoPro #2

Clive the Tarmac

Clive the Mechanic

Clive the Cheese on Toast

Clive the Prisoner

Clive the Craft Project

Clive the OG

Clive the Letter

Clive the Climber

Clive the Chew Toy

Clive the GoPro

Clive the Wallpaper

Clive the Coke Addict

This timeline below documents Clive's many adventures over his long life, if you feel we missed out any important facts or moments, please let us know by email, or drop us a message on Facebook , click on images to enlarge them.