Clive T. Bear

Hello, and welcome to my page! I am a member of Southampton University Canoe Club. Contrary to popular belief, I wasn't stolen from a village hall in South Wales: I wanted out of that horrid place, away from the hordes of toddlers who kicked and threw me about making my life a misery. I managed to escape with an adoring group of students who promised me a life of luxury.


And what did I get?

Here are a few of my hobbies

Clive the Paddler

Clive the Acrobat

Clive the Bumbag

Clive the GoPro #2

Clive the Tarmac

Clive the Mechanic

Clive the Cheese on Toast

Clive the Prisoner

Clive the Craft Project

Clive the OG

Clive the Letter

Clive the Climber

Clive the Chew Toy

Clive the GoPro

Clive the Wallpaper

Clive the Coke Addict

This timeline below documents Clive's many adventures over his long life, if you feel we missed out any important facts or moments, please let us know by email, or drop us a message on Facebook , click on images to enlarge them.

April 27

2019 – April

Clive returns after a relatively slow year to the annual SUCC Boat Ball, despite losing an eye at some point in the evening, our favourite bear came away relatively unscathed, if a little hungover the next morning!

Clive at Boat Ball

October 15

2018 – October

Clive returns to Perranporth, the sleepy town of Porthtowan did not appreciate the company of such a rowdy bear

October 7

2018 – October

Clive runs the ‘Bradenham Bolt’ 10K with Hugh Jenkinson


July 20

2018 – July

Clive puts his proper suit on, and goes to a wedding!

April 22

2018 – April

Clive attends the SUCC Boat Ball, naturally he is the life of the party

August 17

2017 – August

Clive kayaks the length of the Grand Canyon

April 22

2017 – April

Clive gets crucified

April 8

2017 – April

Clive re-surfaces on Matthew Vincent’s mantelpiece, alive and ‘well’



January 19

2015 – January

Clive travels to Norway with Beardy.

April 2

2014 – April

Clive goes ‘up north’ on our annual Scotland trip, and takes a rather chilly bath in snow.

October 12

2013 – October

Clive comes on the club trip to Perranporth, and is promptly buried in sand


September 1


The website is published, to help concerned members of the public keep up to date with his movements.

August 8

2013 – August

Clive goes on holiday, travelling along the Inca trail with Thom Guy

May 4

2013 – May

Clive gets back into kayaking with a trip to Lee Valley White Water centre

November 15


Clive suffers yet another medical setback when he is run over, this time by a Ford Transit van

March 21

2012 – March

January 1


Clive joins the army and is deployed to Afghanistan

August 14


Clive visits Norway – Month Unknown

October 16


Clive gets hanged

July 23


After a lull in Clive’s life, he jumps straight back in with a trip to Uganda

July 16


Clive goes to the Alps and attempts some new extreme sports, detailed in this video.

May 12

1999 – Spring

Clive suffers a huge medical setback after being repeatedly run over by a Ford minibus and kayak trailer.

April 18


Clive features in a runner-up duo team at the Holme Pierrepont Student Rodeo. One of the highlights of his kayaking career

October 18


Clive narrowly escapes major bio-hazard damage during the infamous ‘White Russian’ minibus trip to the River Usk.

November 16


Clive survives several descents of such quality rivers as the Usk, Dee, and Etive. Riding shotgun in a Perception Pirouette.

October 13


Clive’s dismembered head is found floating in a block of ice in the LSU pool, the reasoning behind this is still unclear.

September 21


Clive is dismembered for the first time and sent back to his guardians in the post, he required a fur transplant when he was reunited with his limbs.

‘One bit was wrapped in tin foil and turned up at the Freshers fair. I thought I’d been given an old kebab and chucked it, only to then have to rifle through the bin!’ – Iain Penketh

April 8

1994 – April

Clive is sacrificed to the River Gods to ensure a good descent. Also featured are Mike Taylor’s ghastly trousers.

July 15

1993 – Summer

Clive is kidnapped again and is taken to the Alps where he endured a season of torture too horrific to detail

April 17

1993 – Scotland

Clive’s ears are found stapled to a board with a ransom note attached, this became the first of many kidnappings.

December 17


Clive acquires a wetsuit from the Tiki shop in Braunton, he is also given his own custom fibreglass kayak, this has sadly been lost.

October 24


Clive is found at Llangynidr village hall, he asked to join the club and so we took him back to Southampton.

‘Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t stolen from a village hall in South Wales: I wanted out of that horrid place, away from the hordes of toddlers who kicked and threw me about making my life a misery. I managed to escape with an adoring group of students who promised me a life of luxury.’

– Clive T. Bear