Committee 2019-2020

Sam Tweedle - President

Course: Maths

Favourite River: Etive

Favourite Boat: Machno

Likes: Kayaking (obviously), brown sauce and jesters

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Not losing all the club's money last year

Will Sparrow - Vice President

Course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Favourite River: Alt Mheuran

Favourite Boat: Pyranha Jed

Likes: Good Whisky, gravy and kayaking

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Winning £1200 for the club at Hurley30

Reith Spowith - Treasurer

Course: Mechanical Engineering

Favourite River: Cardiff

Favourite Boat: Diesel

Likes: Kayaking, chilled pool sesh and that sweet sweet treasurer money

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Probably making it down Cardiff 3 times on level 8 without swimming

Steph Davey  - Secretary

Course: Psychology

Favourite River: Dart loop

Favourite Boat: RPM or Varun

Likes: River snacks, robies and rabbit food

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Rolling at the bottom of triple step

Oscar Guillier - Kit Sec

Course: Marine bio with Oceanography

Favourite River: Dart loop lol

Favourite Boat: Nelo Cinco

Likes: Cheese, bread and wine

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Winning Hurley dream team and hand rolling a sprint boat

Jack Simmons - Safety Sec

Course: Biomedical Science

Favourite River: Need to try more

Favourite Boat: The Titanic, Southampton's most famous boat

Likes: Breaking a guitar string, stalling my car and questionably long walks home after a night out

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Watch this space

Euan Donovan-Hill  - Training Sec

Course: Aeronautical Engineering

Favourite River: Cheeky Dart

Favourite Boat: Axiom

Likes: Yeeting, dabbing and fanta

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Expert NSR kayaking yo

Anna Glanville - Social Sec

Course: Geography

Favourite River: Classic Dart loop

Favourite Boat: Pyranha Z1

Likes: Being the top social sec, climbing and alcohol

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Not swimming during first attempt of the Dart

Megan Thornley - Social Sec

Course: Biomedical Science

Favourite River: Dart loop... or going up the Itchen to the pub

Favourite Boat: Probably a sailing boat (sorry!)

Likes: Kayaking, swimming (normally whilst attempting to kayak) and sailing

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: "yeeting myself at Cardiff with 100% positivity" - Steph

Melody August - Social Sec

Course: Maths with Statistics

Favourite River: Dart

Favourite Boat: Diesel

Likes: Swimming, doggos, babies

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Making it round Cardiff multiple times without swimming

Callum Delaney - Web Sec

Course: Civil Engineering

Favourite River: Want to paddle more but the Dart for now

Favourite Boat: Pyranha Z1

Likes: Jesticles, bridges and sleeping

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Doing a front-flip off of a kayak at NSR