The Alps 2012

Two weeks, three cars, four swims and one lost boat.

Southampton University ventured all the way to the French Alps in anticipation of sunny days and balmy nights. They got neither of these things. They did however get their fair share of spectacular scenery, delightful whitewater and oversized sandwiches. If you like your kayaking videos full of the big stuff and slickly edited…you probably won’t like this:

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The Thames Weirs

As you may have noticed, the last month has been a good month for rain and as such, a good month for kayaking. Whilst everybody else across the country has been moaning about the weather we’ve been making the most of the flows with a few trips to the weirs that the Thames has to offer, it’s been great fun. Old hands have been practising their panams, intermediates have been trying to get the hang of those flatspins and blunts and even those that only started paddling this year have been getting to grips with all that the Thames has to throw at them!

It’s been a lot of fun and everybody has learnt a lot. It has been great to watch everybody improve so quickly and seeing everyone gradually getting the hang of moves and techniques that they were wiping out on at the beginning of the day.

Let’s pray for more rain!

SUCC Boat Ball 2012

On the steps outside The Pitcher and Piano

Last night we held our annual boat party, this year sailing up and down the Itchen in search of calm waters…

As well as a good night out with cheesy tunes, good drink prices and custom balloons (?!), the club gained another boat and some kit. Several hundred pounds were raised through the raffle, with Chav Mike donating the complete safety kit (Palm 15m Bullet throwline, Endless Rivers river knife, Palm snapgate karabiner, Palm screwgate karabiner, Palm 5m sling, Aquapac, Palm Aero 3L dry bag & Lifesystems waterproof first aid kit) to the club. In addition, Fresher George and Sherman will be buying the club one of the loaned Pyranha fleet with money raised through the boat ball itself!

For more pictures, see Chris Vian’s album (sources image above), or one of the many galleries on facebook (eg here, here).

Scotland 2012

We took all but one of our Pyranha fleet to Scotland this Easter. With only one day of rain all week levels could have been better but then again we’re pretty well practised in running things low after two dry winters! Levels aside, we had a brilliant time taking on the Scottish classics, newbies and hardened veterans alike. Our last run of the Etive was a particular highlight, with some truly ridiculous showboating being pulled (although not always with great consequences!).

Photos can be found here!