Mailing List

Don’t bother. Seriously don’t bother. Any and all communication will be done via the Club Facebook Page, just sign up to see all the latest news and events. If you don’t have a Facebook account feel free to email us ( or talk to any committee member and we’ll sort out a way of keeping you informed.

Still want to join the mailing list? Feel free, instructions below. Don’t expect a lot of mail.


Please read the whole article before using the list. Once you send your first message it is assumed that you know all of this, and you may get some unhappy replies if you don’t.

Once you’re a paid member you can access the mailing list. This gives you access to important SUCC related information, keeping up-to-date with everything we do.

The mailing list lets people on it send mail to each other, with each e-mail sent going to everyone on the list. All the messages are sent from – useful if you want to set up a special folder or label for list mail.

To sign up to the list:

Send one email from the address you want to receive email from to:

The email should have the following words in the body (and no subject):

subscribe susu-canoe

We will then manually check you are a member. If a week has passed without a confirmation email then contact the treasurer, who will check your membership & contact the websec on your behalf.

To remove yourself from the list:

Send a single e-mail to

The email should have the following words in the body (and no subject):

unsubscribe susu-canoe

Sending a message to the list with unsubscribe in it will not get you any friends! If you signed up with a hotmail account, or it doesn’t work then send an email asking to be removed to

To change the address you receive mail at:

Simply unsubscribe the e-mail address you don’t want to use, and subscribe the new one; or ask to do it for you.

To send and reply to messages:

To send a message to everyone (300+ people) just send it to and it will be forwarded out.

To reply to someone’s message just reply to the message at

If you need any help for something not covered here please contact the websec or president.