Committee 2011-2012

President: Thom

Course: Physics
Boat: Wavesport Project 52
Favourite River: Etive
Favourite Wave: Itchen Death Gorge
Favourite Beach: Perranporth for the epic surf on our Freshers Trip and the pasties up the road.


Vice-President: Matt Wright

Course: MEng Acoustical Engineering
Boat: Wavesport Project 52
Favourite River: The Trent
Favourite Beach: Perranporth – stunning fish and chips, good old fashioned beach fun and killer surf!
Describe yourself in a few words: Bi-winning.


Treasurer: Michael Green

Course: Mechanical Engineering
Boat: A very orange Jackson Allstar
Favourite River: Dart
Favourite Wave: Any that does not throw me off it
Favourite Beach: Newquay but that is also the only one I have kayaked
Describe yourself in a few words: Way too extensive a knowledge of Monty Python and despite the nickname William of Orange and all my kit and boat my favourite colour is green.


Secretary: Kathryn Herbert

Course: Adult Nursing BN
Boat: Method Perception (not actually mine, but I’m the only one that can fit in it!)
Favourite River: River Kent
Favourite Wave: Mexican
Favourite Beach: Perranporth
Describe yourself in a few words: Best things come in small packages!


Webmaster: Dave Channon

Course: BSc Biochemistry
Boat: Yellow 52
Favourite River: Usk…it’s still warm in October!
Favourite Wave: Any surf
Favourite Beach: Rhossilli (Am missing out on perranporth AGAIN!)
Describe yourself in a few words: Was treasurer last year, have hung around to help out the “new guys”, most of which are much better paddlers…


Training Sec: Katie “Paddles” Locke

Course: History and Politics
My favourite colour is purple
Favourite River: My favourite place to paddle has been the Lakes followed by the Dart.
Favourite Beach: Have not been on a beach trip, but in general I like anywhere in Cornwall.
Describe yourself in a few words: I sometimes have blonde moments, easy to talk too, always willing to help, very loud, talk to anything that breathes, outgoing, and very sociable. Dont be afraid to talk to me :)


Kit Sec: Luke Kelland

Course: BSc Sociology + Applied Economics
Boat: Pandora the Wavesport Project 52
Favourite River: The Dart
Favourite Wave: Death Gorge all the way!
Favourite Beach: Not a fan of Surf but we all love making sandcastles in Rhossilli
Describe yourself in a few words: The one upside down on the weir


Safety Sec: Rob “Naked Rob” Richardson

Course: Human Geography
Boat: 26ft power cruiser, lol … jk, i’ve seen a boat once tho
Fav River: Usk
Fav Trip: NSR
Fav Wave: Mexican ;)
Fav Beach: Rhossilli, the best time on this trip is 4:20 in the afternoon!
Describe Yourself: in a word … foot.


Social Sec: Emily Corden

Course: BSc Psychology
Boat: I tend to spend more time in the water than in a boat…
Favourite River: Dart
Favourite Trip: NSR
Favourite Beach: Perranporth
Describe yourself in a few words: fully embracing the term ‘social kayaker’


Social Sec: Alex “Dirty Alice” Jacob

Course: MSci Geophysics
Boat: Acrobat 270
Fav river: dart loop
Fav wave: one that won’t kill me
Fav beach: perranporth
Describe yourself: …

General Committee Member: Tom “Stabby” Keogh

Course: Physical Geography
Boat: Wavesport EZG 50 although you’ll more likely find me in a pink squirt boat
Favourite River: Spean
Favourite wave: HPP looping pool
Describe yourself in a few words: loud, drunken and sinky


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