Committee 2016-2017

The committee are responsible for the running of the club, and are elected each year. Check out the profiles below for more info on each.

President: Grace

Course: Adult Nursing

Boat: Wavesport Diesel

Favourite River: River Etive and River Trent

Likes: Having a jolly good time

Biggest Kayaking achievement: Being the best president to ever exist (and having the best committee)

Vice-President: Raquelle the pro

Course: BSc colouring in

Boat: Lil' Joe

Favourite River: The Kent (when I can stay in my boat)

Likes: Swimming, ketchup and dead sheep

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Gnarly Duo surf solo at NSR 2016 - literally how?

Treasurer: Amy

Course: Oceanography with French

Boat: Pyranha Z.One

Favourite River: The Orchy

Likes: Money

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Any form of small drop

Secretary: Gem Gem

Course: Biomed 

Boat: Pink Pyranha Z.One

Favourite River: The Kent

Likes: Chocolate, Beaches, sarcasm, triangles, questionable life choices, drinking and being warm

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Second on woman's NSR novice.

Training Sec: Josh

Course: Chemistry 

Boat: Wavesport Diesel

Favourite River: The Dee

Likes: Boats, Booze and Bitches

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Rolling halfway down triple step and gnarly duo roll with Nick

Kit Sec: Nick

Course: Mental Heath Nursing

Boat: Pyranha 9R  a.k.a that stupidly long boat on the river

Favourite River: The Etive

Likes: Pyjama's, flip-flops and gnarly boots.

Biggest Kayakiing Achievement: Squirting my way to third place at NSR and smashing varsity

Safety Sec: Jack

Course: Chemistry 

Boat: Axiom

Likes: Long walks on the beach at sunset and curling up on the sofa, watching TV

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Swimless day on the Lakes Trip

Social Sec: Zoe

Course: Psychology

Boat: Not really a fan of boats...apart from the Boat Ball boat...

Favourite River: Ummm....

Likes: Swimming in rivers, Jesters and Cocktails!

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Just the Tawe, generally...

Social Sec: George

Course: International Relations

Boat: Mine

Favourite River: The Wye

Likes: Surfing, Kayaking, Getting smashed, Tree, Skiing, Giraffes and Rhinos

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: Getting my arse set on fire, or making intermediates at NSR

Web Sec: Taylor

Course: Geography

Boat: Necky Gliss

Favourite River: Itchen Death Gorge

Likes: Freshers, drinking, sleeping and rolling.

Biggest Kayaking Achievement: DW race

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