Introductory Meeting

Hey everyone!

If you’re interested in joining the club don’t forget we have our fresher meeting on Wednesday this week (2nd of October). We’re going to be meeting outside the Stag’s at 6.15pm and taking everyone to a lecture theatre in building 2, room 1089 (L/T D). There we’ll give you a quick presentation about the club and show you a short video about what you can expect from us during the next year. The whole meeting will last until 7pm, and then we’ll hit the pub for the start of our fresher social!

During the meeting there will be a chance to sign up for membership to the canoe club and to our first trip to Perranporth this weekend. It’s £30 to become a member for the year and an additional £35 to sign up to the trip to Perranporth. We’re only going to be accepting cash on the night, so come prepared with money if you want to join. The trip will be first-come first-served and we’re expecting it to be full by the end of the evening, so if you want to come make sure you bring £65 in cash. It’s going to be an awesome evening, so get involved and I’ll see you there!

SUCC President

Now a quick word from our social secs:

Straight after the meeting we’ll be having our first social of the year! This will be a carnage-filled pub-crawl to all the best (and worst) bars in Portswood, complete with free t-shirts, fresher challenges, Jesticles, and lots and lots of drinking. Prepare yourselves, it’s gonna be a good one! If you can’t make it to the meeting, we’ll be starting at Stags at 7.30pm, or give me a call to meet us later on.

See you all there,

Lots of social sec love
Pernille, Alex and Becky


Pernille – 07580268279
Alex – 07796775079
Becky – 07841975065

SUCC AGM Results for the Year 2012 – 2013

Congratulations to the new committee, and commiserations to those who didn’t get what they were going for, there were some very close votes in there!

The new committee is as follows:

President: Dennis Martin
VP: Will Innes
Secretary: Pernille Fladsrud
Treasurer: Hugh Jenkinson
Training: Sam Faithful
Kit: Tristan Edey
Safety: Tom Keogh
Web: Dean Ousby
Social: Nat Baker and Doug Clifton

Committee 2012-2013L to R (Training, VP, Social x2, Treasurer, Sec , Web Sec, Safety, Pres, Kit Sec)

Well done once again for your excellent campaigning efforts, and completing last night’s challenges in good spirits. This whole process has been thoroughly entertaining for the past few weeks.

As stated previously, the current committee will remain in power until after the handover meeting which will take place at some point TBC after Easter.

SUCC wins NSR 2012

We might have only just gone and won NSR this year. One new stripy tiger mamba to add to our boat collection. A better write up will come shortly ……. for the moment see a video of the making of the boat.

Finalists were (full list of results):

Mens Novice:
Pete Ainscow (1st) and Rich Field (who was hypothermic for his run but insisted on carrying on!)
Mens Intermediate:
Sam Faithful (3rd), Thom Guy and Matt Wright
Womens Novice:
Pernille Fladsrud
Michael Green and Luke Kelland
Jack Gunter (2nd) and Andrew Waterfield
Stabby Joe (2nd)

SUCC gets mentioned on BBC South Today 09/01/12

Well as most of you know Thom and Doug managed to get ill before Christmas with suspected Weil’s disease. There happens to have now been five cases on the Itchen, so the BBC did a small piece about it for South Today 09/01/12 18:30. They both got interviewed, watch out for the amazing acting as they view the wonderful river bank. Also the shameful showing off on the weir notably Fresher George’s flat water looping.

Thom and Doug are both now fit and healthy back doing what we love, kayaking. We are still paddling every week during term time, in the pool and on the river. If you would like more information please get in touch here.

Five infected by Weil’s Disease 

Soton Uni Canoe Club on BBC South Today 09/01/12

Five cases of Leptospirosis – also known as Weil’s Disease – have been reported on the River Itchen in Southampton, close to a water activity centre.

The disease is a bacterial infection that spreads when urine, often from rats, enters the human body.

Two of the five people infected were hospitalised, though medical authorities have said most cases are relatively mild.” BBC link


We would like to remind everyone going in/on the water to cover any open cuts with a waterproof dressing/plaster, try not to drink river water, try to wash your hands with soap before eating, and make sure you wash after paddling. If you do start feeling ill and decide to visit the doctor please mention you have been in the river and mention Weil’s to the GP.

“An expert in leptospirosis has estimated that the risk of contracting a leptospirosis infection by taking part in these types of activities is as low as 1 in 10 million”

If you do want a bit more information then please see the NHS Direct website here.

Happy New Year 2012!

We hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year Year. Term starts again on Monday, so we hope to see everyone back on socials, on the river and at the pool. The first social is to Jester/Sobar, before everyone has to strap themselves to a desk in the library. The next few socials will be a bit more relaxed, so they are a nice revision break.

Good Luck to everyone, see you soon.

SUCC love xxxx